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The cloud is a transformative tool that has the power to accelerate your company into a technology focused business. But this only works if the right product based approach is being taken to discover what your customers actually need, not just what they say they want.

The amazing tools that Google Cloud Platform provides can help with every aspect of building and delivering the right product cost effectively and in a way that can be scaled up or down to meet your increasing demand.

Customer First - Always

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By focusing on you and your business we strive to not only build the right products for you that generate value to you and your customers, but also to help take your business to the next level by leveraging your data intelligently. By helping your business grow in this new high technology environment, we help to ensure that our business also grows with you.

We believe in building strong human relationships and helping others thrive by connecting you not only to technology solutions but also to our other business partners. This way we all of our partners grow stronger together and build awesome products that help solve real problems!

We will work with you to analyze your bottlenecks and build ideas to relieve those problem areas rather than expecting you to come up with the solutions all by yourself. We think this is valuable because we introduce our years of experience building products using lean methodologies into the mix.

Value Focused

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Our unique approach focuses on building the right products, not just finishing up projects within a timeframe. Rather than just measuring output, we focus on what outcome our work actually has on your customers and thereby your business. We iteratively measure this by using many lean product practices. This methodology will ultimately avoid spending a lot of money building something that doesn't help your customers and business.

Most technology companies unfortunately still have not learned from many examples of companies spending lots of money on projects that were cancelled or ran out of money because the wrong product was being built. Our competition will gladly engage you in a long term contract that ensures they receive a large sum of money from you without really paying any attention to what they are building for you. At c3coders we believe that by building the right products for our customers, we build the foundation for a solid relationship that will last a lifetime.

Lean Product Mindset

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We have created our culture fully on Silicon Valley lean product methodology. Many companies have lost large sums of money working on long term projects that never delivered any business or customer value. Lean concepts were birthed out of successful Silicon Valley companies to avoid such mistakes by shifting the focus from finishing projects to instead making sure the right product is being built.

We at c3coders have real-world experience working with many different business sectors building the right products.

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We strive to build you the right products cost effectively to help your customers and business because we believe by doing so we will create a network of strong relationships that will help us and our customers prosper together.

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